Get Your Own Store

We are leveraging the same functionality that the likes of Tesco’s, Asda and Sainsbury's have for our local businesses at a fraction of the cost

Low Cost

To support local businesses during COVID19 were offering a fully featured online store with local delivery booking and functionality from jsut £500 + VAT “this just about cover our staff costs” 
Low ongoing costs for the website £29 / Month includes everything you need to run yoru store and more and take secure online payments 

Quick Turn Around

We can have you up and running in less than a few days or maybe even quicker 

We will provide

Free Domain name you can advertising and add to your facebook or other pages such as google local business listings
Entry In Shopping Directory 
We will add you to a national and local directory 

Integrated Booking Solution
Online Delivery booking solutions for any scenario 

  1. Timed delivery slots for multiple zones or areas
  2. Time delivery slots for a single area
  3. Delivery slots per day ( no time slot )
  4. Padding and spacing between slots to allow distance traveled 
  5. Ability for you customer to rebook or change to other available slots
  6. Click and Collect

Guidance With Online Payment Setup
Guide you through setting up online payments if you dont already have the facility or integrate it if you do such as PayPal etc

Email alerts for orders 

Each delivery booking you receive will link you directly to the order in your store 

Phone ordering

The ability to take phone orders and payment through the website